Why choose

Grupo Continents

01. Tech Support

We have a team of Specialized Technicians that provide Tech Support to all the Technology solutions that our company offers.

02. Maintenance

Once installed and implemented, your equipment needs follow up and maintenance. Grupo Continents offers preemptive and corrective maintenance policies that will help extend the lifetime of your equipment and to capitalize to a maximum your investment.

03. Project Management

Grupo Continents provides support in Designing, Commissioning and Set up of your projects. We have specialized personnel, Project Manager, that can support you during this whole project.

04. Training

We believe that Knowledge is a main column in our business Success; this is why we provide Training Courses to all our customers. We have the support of all the Suppliers we represent, keeping us always up to date with the latest technology, be it Customs, Security or even Smartcity related.